Salon Halo Frequently Asked Questions



Please note that all pricing is variable based on the individual circumstance. We take an individualized approach to service for each guest based on their canvas and desired outcome. We can only guarantee a quote after an in-depth consultation at the time of service. Additionally, pricing will vary based on level of stylist. We will happily work within any budget, although the front desk team/your stylist must be made aware ahead of time to ensure that we pair you with a stylist and plan for services that will best suit your needs and budget!

Please don't be shy, our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

*If at any time you feel the need for a change we do feature an open chair policy, we work as a team and encourage you to enjoy services with any member on our team at any time.

Salon Halo Policy:


 Satisfaction Guarantees

We guarantee satisfaction of all products and services for up to 2 weeks. We do not give cash refunds for services rendered. We encourage you to communicate any modifications necessary to your stylists in order to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations. After 2 weeks modifications to a service will no longer be complimentary. In addition, Salon Halo can not guarantee the results of a service if you do not choose to take home the recommended professional products.


  Product Exchange/Return

    Products may be exchanged for any other product or for in store credit within 14 days,

    We do not give cash back for returns.

   Credit will be based on the amount of product returned.


Cancellation/No Show

   Please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to inform us of any changes or cancellations.

    If prior to your notification is not given, you will be charged 50% for the missed appointment.



 We love children, so for your child’s safety we will not be able to perform any services on a guest unless there is another adult present to attend to the child. All guests must wait in designated areas if they are not receiving a service per Florida law. This will ensure that you and our other guests receive the most relaxing and enjoyable service possible…

Because after all, your time here should be about you!

Best practices before a color appointment :

Debunking the old myth that “dirty hair colors better”. Fact - Washing your hair the day of your color appointment is not necessary or recommended, especially if you are having on scalp lightener. The reason behind this concept is because after you have washed and scrubbed your scalp you  run the risk of being more scalp sensitive when color or lightener has been applied. In the contrast though, coming with very dirty/oily hair is also not recommended as color has to work harder to cover/deposit if there is a substantial amount of buildup on the hair. The best bet is to come with semi-clean hair that is completely dry. If you come with wet hair, your stylist will have to extra take time to dry it before color application which in turn will extend the time of your color appointment. 


Color services can sometimes take lengthy periods of time, depending on what is actually being done. If you are on a specific time crunch or schedule please let your stylist know at the start of your appointment so they can do whats necessary to accommodate that. 


The salon can be a busy place, it is not recommended to bring multiple friends/family members with you to your appointment. 

Small children/infants are not to attend appointments as it is a safety hazard. If children attend an appointment they must be able to sit in our waiting area quietly to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for our other salon guests. 



Extension aftercare and FAQ:


Immediate care : With tape-in extensions, do not shampoo, wet hair or exercise to the point of perspiration for the first 48 hours after application, as the bonds need adequate time to cure. NO EXCEPTIONS 


Leave a little extra time for styling until you are accustomed to working with your extra volume and/or length.


Apply conditioner only from the mid-shaft or low ponytail down.

Keep the conditioner off your scalp and away from the panels.


Only use products your salon professional recommends for your extensions.

Not using recommended products will make you responsible for any slipping, extension loss or panel damage.

Power dry panels and scalp area before applying tension with a brush.

Be sure you are pressing your extension panels together when you are blow drying. This will reaffirm the bond each time you are drying. 


Brush, Brush, Brush!! Brushing your hair is very important. This will allow you to prevent and rid your hair of tangles while keeping your hair looking and feeling beautiful. When hair is wet, hold panels, removing any tangles by working from ends upward.


Sleeping with a silk pillowcase not only feels great, but helps prevent your hair from tangling while sleeping.


Chlorine is not hair-friendly. If entering the pool or ocean apply a leave in conditioner mid to ends and put into a ponytail.

** NO BRAIDS while swimming.